Mineral School

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Mineral School
is an artists residency located in a former 1947 elementary school near Mt. Rainier, in Mineral, Washington. During summer 2017, we're offering three two-week residency periods to 11 writers of poetry and prose and one visual artist, providing accepted applicants with space and time to create new work without the interruptions of normal life and with the bonus of healthy meals prepared by culinary volunteers using locally-grown organic food whenever possible. During September 2017, we'll offer two fully-funded one-week residency periods to eight writers who are parents of children under 18, thanks to support from the Sustainable Arts Foundation

Each resident will live in an 800-square foot former classroom that offers peekaboo views of Mineral Lake and Mt. Rainier, and that will double as their writing studio, with desk and chair, lighting, bookcase, and lots of chalkboards. The visual artist resident will be offered space to work outside of his or her classroom (unless they can work in their medium in the same room where they sleep). The main school building has bathrooms with showers. Residents will be served all meals and snacks daily, and they will have the opportunity to share work with the public. Mineral features a swimmable fishing lake with boat rentals, a tavern, a bed and breakfast, a general store, two churches, a post office, and more deer than people. It's a 20-minute drive to Mt. Rainier National Park.

Visiting authors: During each two-week residency, resident alumnae will visit and present work and bring with them a special guest writer they've chosen to introduce to Mineral. During September's one-week residencies we will host visiting authors who will present work publicly and also speak privately with residents about balancing parenting and craft.

We are accepting applications from December 13, 2016, through February 15, 2017, (Midnight, EST) for the 2017 residencies. Notification will be given at least two months before the residency period for which you've applied. 

Residency sessions are held during the following time periods. 

Two-week residency periods for 2017:

June 11-June 25

July 16-July 30

August 13-August 27

Sustainable Arts Foundation Parent Residencies for 2017:

September 16-September 24

September 30-October 8


We're pleased to offer four funded two-week residencies in 2017.   

Three June Dodge Writing Fellows attend for free and receive travel assistance from any point in or between Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, in addition to room and board, visits by presenting authors, and opportunities to share work publicly. These fellowships are open to writers from the Pacific Northwest (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA) and Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon). 

The Erin Donovan Writing Fellowship (August 2017) is open to an emerging woman writer of poetry or prose living in Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, or Washington, who is at least 40 years old, and whose writing expresses both wit and compassion. This fellowship covers the residency fee (room and board, guest presenters, options to present) for August 2017 and includes a travel reimbursement upon arrival of up to $400. This fellowship is funded by the family and friends of Erin Donovan, an Oregon fiction writer, teacher, and outdoors woman who passed away in 2015. 


We're pleased to debut eight funded one-week residencies for parents in 2017, thanks to support from the Sustainable Arts Foundation. 

These residencies include room, board, visiting author readings and craft chat/pep talks, and lots of love. Our one-week residencies will begin with dinner on a Saturday evening and end after brunch on a Sunday. Visiting Northwest authors include Claire Dederer (September 20-21), the author of Poser and of a forthcoming memoir, and Neal Thompson (October 5-6), author of A Curious Man and a forthcoming memoir, will present readings and also discuss with residents how they navigated their parenting years as working authors. 


We're pleased to offer nominally-priced residencies in 2016.

Writing residencies for poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers, or graphic novelists (as long as you can live in the room that doubles as your studio) cost $425 and include room, board, presentations by guest writers, opportunities for public presentation, and lots of love. Travel is not included; travel from points between Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, to Mineral may be arranged for a small fee ($20-30/each way). 

The Washington Visual Artist Residency is for a visual artist living in Washington state. The $425 residency fee includes room, board, presentations by guest writers, opportunities for public presentation, and lots of love. Visual artists bring their own materials and may use as studio space the school's grounds, covered patio, the gym stage, or plein air sites of their choice; we have ample tables and space which can be configured around your needs. Travel is not included; travel from points between Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, to Mineral may be arranged for a small fee ($20-30/each way).