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Who should apply? If you write poetry (prose poetry, poetry in stanzas, free verse, limericks, Haikus, etc.), or any other form of poetry, this is where you should apply. Writers at all career stages are encouraged.

Selection: Your work will be evaluated by a panel of established poetry and prose writers. Your work is presented anonymously to the readers and they will make choices based on the merit of your artist statement and work sample. Please do NOT include your name on your artist statement or work sample. Your application will be assigned a number once it is completed.

What you will need to prepare before beginning the application process:

Short bio: In one paragraph, how would you describe your education, publication or public readings experience, and any paid or service work that helps further your artistic vision?

Artist Statement: In a one-page (maximum) statement, please discuss how a residency would help you advance your creative work. Also share a short statement about your writing process and/or what life experiences and literary influences have shaped your art and its themes and how you have grown or are growing as a writer. Be yourself! The jurors want to get a sense of you as an artist and your creative process.  For the artist statement you do not include information regarding awards, published work, or identifying or biographical information (you can put that in your bio). This assures admissions are blind.

Work Sample: Create a work sample of up to 20 pages of poetry in 12-point font, in a Word Doc, Docx, or PDF format. Work samples can be work-in-progress or already published work -- whatever you feel will make the strongest application. You are welcome to include an introductory note (a paragraph or two) explaining the sample (i.e. -- this is a selection of a cycle of sonnets etc..). Do not include biographical or identifying information in your work sample. Make sure your name is not on any of the work sample pages. Please do not use your name in the title of the file you upload. (If your name is Jane Doe, don't upload janedoe.doc!)

Preferred Residency Dates: Our application lets you choose your preferred residency period. If you can only attend during your preferred residency period, do not designate 2nd or 3rd choice residency periods. If you have a preferred residency period but are willing to attend other sessions in the event your first choice isn't possible, mark 2nd and/or 3rd choices. If all dates are equally fine, tick that box.

Please don't hit the "submit" button on your application until all elements are attached!


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.